We are grateful for the support we receive daily from our Fan community. Being a new and small company we know we cannot bring this dream to life without your support, so we’ve created a special Fan-incentive program which will allow us to continue successfully on this journey, and return the favor to those whose generosity helps make a positive difference in our company.

We are a unique company, so as an alternative to launching a Kickstarter campaign which we feel lacks customer intimacy, nor is it aligned with our vision of achieving sustained, organic growth, we’ve created RIPPLE.

RIPPLE is a fun and exciting program that presents our fans with the opportunity to help us during our initial phase of growth and next generation product development by making a $10, $20, $30, $40 or $50 contribution, and in return for your generous contribution Soundvibe will issue you a RIPPLE voucher with a value that doubles the amount of your contribution, and this voucher may be used towards a future purchase of our Generation 1 and Generation 2 products. For example: a contribution in the amount of $20 will earn you a $40 voucher you can redeem anytime on our website before 12/21/2021.

Thanks again for your loyal and continued support of Soundvibe. We hope you look favorably towards the overall benefit of this unique and fun program, and as always, we’re delighted to have you on this journey with us. Please keep spreading Good Vibrations!

Founder and CEO