We’re thrilled to announce our new customer experience program- Soundvibe Fingerprint. No two fingerprints are exactly the same, and we feel the experience our customers have with us should be just as unique. When you purchase a Soundvibe product, you’re gonna get much more than a fantastic, jaw-dropping experience in sound. Trust us! Visit Soundvibe360.com to learn more about Soundvibe’s maniacal approach towards ensuring our customers have the finest experience possible with our products and with us! #svfingerprint #feelthesound

First Things First

We hope you love the Soundvibe product(s) you’ve purchased. If you’re not absolutely delighted with the Thunderpuck or SoundSHIFT 360, that’s ok. We’ll give you 30-days to return the product for a full refund.

Second Thoughts?

Let us help you. If you purchase the Thunderpuck and decide you actually want the SoundSHIFT 360, or vice versa, we’ll give you 30 days to exchange it. Just pay for the shipping fees associated with the exchange and the additional $30 cost if it’s an upgrade from the Thunderpuck to the SoundSHIFT 360, or receive a $30 credit when you exchange the SoundSHIFT 360 for the Thunderpuck. Once we receive the exchanged product we will promptly ship you the new one and handle the charge/credit difference at that time.

Trade-Ins Welcomed Here

Our products are designed and manufactured for years of enjoyment, however we are continuously working hard to improve our technology, and it’s likely our customers will want the latest and greatest when it becomes available. Therefore, when you purchase a Soundvibe product try to keep it in the best condition possible, as we will allow our customers the opportunity to “trade-in” their gently- used product for a next generation product and receive a nice credit towards their purchase!


This is so important when it comes to helping a small company grow, especially when it comes directly from our customers! We want to reward those who regularly give us their support on Social Media and share their positive experiences on our website. We actually track the likes, shares, comments, shares pics & videos and favorable reviews we receive daily, and when we notice someone sending GOOD VIBES- going above and beyond, we will recognize these fans by offering a $25 voucher code as our way of saying THANK YOU!

Unbelievable Support

If you have a question about our products, need help with getting started or if you are experiencing a technical event- no worries. Just visit our website soundvibe360.com and press the Soundvibe Fingerprint tab. A Soundvibe team member will respond quickly to your inquiry and make sure you’re taken care of right away.

Soundvibe Soundboard

We want your feedback! Good or not so good, we want to know about your experience with our products and our service staff. Let us know what you think, or what you feel would make our product and your experience that much better. Just visit our website Soundvibe360.com and press the Feedback tab. A Soundvibe team member will quickly respond to you inquiry, and we will take every bit of the feedback we receive to heart.