SOUNDSHIFT 360 is a revolutionary concept in Bluetooth HiFi portable audio. Designed with an unprecedented 36 Watt 3-membrane audio structure SOUNDSHIFT 360 is the first of its kind to deliver a true surround sound listening experience by combining surface resonating technology with dual exterior HiFi speakers.

The surface resonator is a high-performance driver that creates powerful vibrations that travel throughout the surface it is placed on and this changes the audio signals into mechanical motion producing a rich and immersive audio experience. Coupled with the surface resonator are two high­performance exterior speakers which provide the perfect match of high frequency and deep bass sound.

What’s more – SOUNDSHIFT360 is equipped with a Clarity Mic for Hands-free phone calls. Connect with Bluetooth, NFC or the Soundvibe cable, then start experimenting with the varying sounds you’ll hear and feel from surface types including wood, glass, metal, polyurethane, fiberglass and even the wall in your room. It’s 36 Watts of portable, spontaneous sound beyond your ears.


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