I remember standing in a large conference room in Downtown Houston in 2012...

…counting the two-foot ceiling tiles from the wall to the center of the room to determine the optimal location for the ceiling-mounted projector I was about to install. While I was making a cut into the tile, two guys entered the room, threw down some drop cloth on the floor and began measuring the long wall behind them. Curiosity got the best of me, and I asked them what they were doing, and they told me they were installing invisible vibrational panels inside the walls that would produce vibration and turn the entire wall into a clear and booming speaker system. Wait, what? Seriously?

I had never heard of anything like this before and I really wanted to see (I mean hear) this for myself. When they pressed a panel against the wall, I couldn’t believe the incredible and powerful sound I heard and felt as they played LMFAO’s Sexy and I know it. It was hands down the coolest thing I had ever experienced, and it was an absolute game changer. 

At the time portable speakers were plagued by one fatal flaw; small speaker cones which resulted in small, narrow sound that lacked lower midrange and rich, deep bass. I imagined a portable design that combined this incredible vibrational effect I just heard, with multiple HiFi micro speakers to deliver a powerful, fulfilling listening experience that captured the full spectrum of highs, midrange and bass. Over the course of several years we explored every possible avenue to bring this technology to life, and by late 2017 we finally put it all together.

In 2018 we founded Soundvibe LLC and our mission was simple: produce a purpose-built audio product that is highly-portable, virtually indestructible, sleek in design and capable of providing perfectly-balanced, 360-degree sound performance from any wood, glass, fiberglass, polyurethane, drywall or metal surface it was placed on. And one that would rival any type of portable speaker typically used for conference calls, webinars and presentations in a conference room setting. We accomplished this by combining the raw power of a single surface resonating (vibrational) driver + integrated dual micro speakers. The result? SoundSHIFT 360™. 36-Watts of portable, powerful and spontaneous audio – everywhere you go, anywhere you are, no matter the environment, terrain or objects around you.


Chris Stamos, President and CEO