Thunderpuck FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Thunderpuck General Questions

Toggle the center switch to the far right marked BT for Bluetooth. You will see a flashing blue ring. Go to the settings tab on your phone or tablet and select Bluetooth. You will then see TPuck-26W.

The THUNDERPUCK is designed so that the volume is not harmful to your hearing, or disruptive when the unit is powered on. Simply press and hold the “+” feature on the control pad until the desired volume level is reached, and then you can use your device to raise and lower the volume.

Yes, the volume thresholds on a PC or laptop are much greater than a phone or tablet. PC’s and laptops are designed to connect exterior speakers for greater sound, therefore the THUNDERPUCK produces greater sound when it’s connected.

1.5 to 2-hours and you’ll have 6 to 8 hours of playback. (Depending on volume)

Yes, from any streaming music source

Yes. Use the Line Out and Line In ports with a 3.5mm cable to connect as many as five (5) units. For multiple connections using Bluetooth you can use a 3rd-party Bluetooth receiver and transmitter to connect up to five (5)units.

Yes. THUNDERPUCK has an embedded clarity microphone that allows hands-free calls from your Smartphone.

Yes, but you’ll need to download a 3rd-party equalizer app from the App Store or Market, and then you’ll be able to adjust the sound for optimal performance using different surface types and size