Soundvibe has pioneered a bold new concept and approach to delivering immersive 360 degree sound performance in portable Bluetooth audio.  They are the Thunderpuck & SoundSHIFT 360.  Their unique, powerful and game-changing sound is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

You won’t find any speakers here. No tweeters, mids or sub-anything. When it comes to producing acoustics the only part of this device that emits sound is its resonant base. The base produces vibrations to create sound. Technology that was pioneered by the military. THUNDERPUCK is nothing special acoustically when you hold it in your hand. It’s only when it’s placed on any flat surface does it truly come to life with an impressive spectrum of immersive sound, rich bass and powerful volume you can hear and feel.

Equipped with an unprecedented 3-membrane sound structure SOUNDSHIFT 360 combines the very best of both audio worlds. When it comes to producing acoustics there are 3 components that can work independently or together to produce a true 360 degree listening experience. A single resonant base and two exterior Hi-Fi micro speakers. This configuration allows you to easily SHIFT between sound created by the resonant base, sound created by the dual speakers or even better- sound created through a combination of the speakers and the resonant base resulting in a perfect balance of high frequency and deep bass sound beyond your ears.